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Terms & Conditions Apply.No Prescription Required.

(454g Canister)

2 Month Supply (2 LBS) AutoShips Every Other Month for $100

Price Does Not Include Any Applicable State Sales Taxes. Space Is Very Limited. Not Everyone Will Qualify Or Be Accepted.

If your dog has been diagnosed with Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI) and your income has been reduced due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, you may be eligible to receive financial assistance in the form of discounted ZYPROPAN™ by applying for enrollment in the Enzyme Benefit Program™ (EBP™).

Upon successful enrollment, the EBP™ provides subsidized ZYPROPAN™ Pancreatic Enzyme Powder at a discounted price far below that of the market price.  The objective of the EBP™ is to ensure that those who may be struggling financially can still receive a regular supply of affordable enzymes to allow their dog to remain on enzyme therapy without interruption.

There is No Cost to enroll in the EBP™. You may Opt-Out at any time.

ZYPROPAN™ EBP™ Highlights

• Up To 6 Months* of EBP™ Enrollment

• Up To 6 lbs of Subsidized ZYPROPAN™

• 2 lbs ZYPROPAN™ Per Shipment

• Shipped Every 2 Months

• Free Priority Shipping

• No Contracts

• No Membership Fees

• No Income Verification

• No Employment Verification

• Opt-Out at Any Time

*The Option To Extend Is Being Explored and Will Be Determined at a Later Date.


To be considered for enrollment into the EBP™, you must certify to the following:

1)   You have been advised by your Veterinarian or Veterinary Professional that your dog requires Pancreatic Enzyme Supplementation or Enzyme Replacement Therapy. You also certify that your dog receives, at minimum, 1 yearly Veterinary examination in regards to the condition that necessitates the administration of supplemental Pancreatic Enzymes.

2)   Your annual household income has been significantly reduced by the impact of COVID-19 on your employment.  This would include a job loss, layoff or reduced available hours at your existing employer (i.e. full-time to part-time). All reductions in your employment must be involuntary.

3)  Your income loss is NOT the result of any legal violation or work-related disciplinary action.

4)  You do not receive any other canine pancreatic enzyme benefit assistance.

5)  You will not sell, or otherwise distribute for profit, any ZYPROPAN provided to you as part of the EBP™.

6)  You must be a US Resident.  We are unable to accept International customers into the EBP™.


Will You Run My Credit, Verify My Income or Call My Employer to Verify Employment?

We do not require any credit checks and we will never ask you for financial documents or employment information.  The EBP™ provides discounted enzymes on the Honor System.


Is the ZYPROPAN™ Provided in the EBP™ the Same as the Retail ZYPROPAN™?

Discount ZYPROPAN™ provided through the EBP™ is exactly the same.  All EBP™ orders are fulfilled from the same stock as retail orders.


Am I Required to Purchase EBP™ ZYPROPAN™ Every 2 Months while in the Program?

However, if you have a small dog that requires less enzymes, please contact us as we may make an exception if there is an opening.


Will the EBP™ Automatically Charge my Credit Card?

Your payment will be automatically processed a few days before the ship date. You will receive an email notification confirming the charge.


Can I Cancel my Enrollment in the EBP™ at any Time?

You can always cancel your EBP™ enrollment at any time. Just email us your request and we will cancel your enrollment.



Upon your acceptance into the EBP, your account will be updated to include your new EBP membership which will permit you to purchase discounted ZYPROPAN™. To make the purchase, follow the steps below.

•  Log in to your account. You must be logged in to order from the EBP.

•  Go to the ZYPROPAN™ product page.

•  Select the "2 LB (908g)" Size Option.

•  Look for the AutoShip option to appear below and select it.

•  The "EBP (Every 2 Months)" will display at the discounted price.

•  Add this to your cart and complete the check out.

•  Your ZYPROPAN™ will now autoship every 2 months for the preset EBP price.

•  You can cancel your subscription at any time in your account or simply email us with your request.

*All applicable state sales taxes are applied in addition to the cost of ZYPROPAN™ and will be charged at each subscription refill.


If your dog requires a greater amount of ZYPROPAN™ than the EBP™ provides, you may purchase additional ZYPROPAN™ at regular pricing and have it shipped immediately at the time of order. Simply being a member of the EBP does not restrict the amount of ZYPROPAN™ available to you but instead only restricts the amount of discounted ZYPROPAN™ you are eligible for.

Subscriptions are limited to 1 per customer.  If you are a member of the EBP™, you are ineligible for any other ZYPROPAN™ subscription or subscription offer.


All EBP Orders Ship Every Other Month and on the 1st of the Month Only.

The EBP ships out a 2 Month Supply of ZYPROPAN™ (2 lbs) on an Every Other Month (EOM) schedule. All EBP orders ship on the 1st of the month only and according to the schedule of your account.

For example, if you first subscribed to the EBP AutoShip on January 15th, then your first shipment would be sent on February 1st and then every other month thereafter (April 1, June, 1, etc...)

In order to ensure an equitable distribution of limited resources and help as many people as possible, the program has been structured to deliver a set amount of ZYPROPAN™ on a specific schedule to every participant. We are unable to offer modifications to the quantity per shipment or the shipping schedule.

Demand Is High For Assistance But Space Is Very Limited!

Please Be Patient While We Process Your Application.




Please Submit Only 1 Application. You Will Receive An Email Confirmation When Your Application Is Processed.

The EBP™ is a Fee-Free Program. There are no costs other than the cost of ZYPROPAN™ and any applicable state sales tax.

You Certify The Following:

•   My Veterinarian has informed me that my dog requires Supplemental Pancreatic Enzymes.

•  My dog will get a Veterinary Exam at least once per year in regards to the condition that requires the use of Pancreatic Enzymes.

•   My annual household income has been significantly reduced by the impact of COVID-19 on my employment. All reductions in my employment were involuntary.

•   My income loss is NOT the result of any legal violation or work-related disciplinary action.

•   I do not receive any other canine pancreatic enzyme benefit assistance.

•   I will not sell, or otherwise distribute for profit, any ZYPROPAN™ provided to me as part of the EBP™.

•   I am a US Resident.

All information submitted to the EBP™ is private.
You may Opt-Out of the EBP™ at any time.

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